picked car up from garage to return home after MOT pass, decided to give the car a quick blast to see how she runs, well got a few surprises.

on the run up the bypass at about 60ish lost the gearbox completely no drive and could not select any gear pulled over and still could not select a gear with the clutch in so thought clutch had stretched again and needed adjustment, put into second gear started car and limped to workshop, at workshop had a look and cable was fine so tried again and gears selected fine with car running and clutch depressed. Time for another run up the bypass again this time making sure all gears work discover no fifth gear at all cant even select, ok no big deal at the moment can look at that later so continue on all seems ok apart from the major pinking at about 2-3k just some timing issues to contend with there then.

so as im not overly happy but content decide to make the trip home, just about to get onto the duel carriageway when cough and splutter, my first thought was cant be fuel had put 10 litres in about 9 miles ago and had only had a small amount of time at idle, car dies and pull to side of road, get on the phone and ring for HELP! only person I think will be available is Mr Badcock, as Mr French was otherwise indisposed, so a jerry can of fuel later and we are back on the road. By my recollection this would mean im getting a great fuel economy of about 4-5 miles to the gallon not bad me does not think. lol

on the journey home Mr Badcock decides to follow if there are any other incidents and also can give me a lift back to pick up my car from the workshop which i feel is a great idea. Now what you need to know is that he has brought along his jelloppy, which is an old 1.8 petrol Freelander and does not have the best track record either. so we get back to home and drop off the car and have a nice cuppa tea to celebrate, on the way back just getting onto the main duel carriageway can you believe it engine slowly dies on the Freelander and we are now sitting on the side of the road again.

What a great day was had by all I must say. the sun was shining and eventually we all got home.

Thanks Mr Badcock and Mr French for all your help over the rebuild of this car.

Mr Badcock

Mr French