With the car now back home makes it a bit easier to do some work on it, so decided I would take a look at the timing issue. Get the car out the garage and try to find out what the amount of advance is on the dizzy so set the timing at static idle to 10 degrees and then took car to 5k and measured amount of advance had 32, so from that im now thinking the dizzy is advancing by 22 degrees so have tried varying amounts of static advance and have settled for 16 degrees this seems to be working allot better on the rev range and not pinking as much and giving an advance of 38 degrees @3-4k which i think is correct will find out a bit more info and try to get the car booked in for a tuning session to fine tune everything.

whilst having a look over the car have now discovered that the rear brake is leaking fluid from the seal so will need to look at this soon as well, im getting the feeling that this well never end.

decided to take car for a quick run just to check how the car was taking the new timing settings and seemed ok, was a little dissatisfied with the power but still think this is down to the tuning not being 100%. will keep you posted on this one.

Oh big thanks to Laura for the help with the rev counter and letting me know what the car was revving at when I was sorting the timing out, so as a little treat took her for a little spin as she had never been in a open top car before and felt the breeze in her hair.

Hope you had fun!