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This blog is to cover out progress through the stages of the strip down and rebuild of a robin hood kit car.
Started the blog a bit late as a fair bit of the stripdown has already been done, this is to follow our progress of the build.

Body Pt2

Body Posted on Thu, June 23, 2011 20:38:04

Check the body work. not great but will pass for now.

Bodywork and Painting

Body Posted on Thu, May 26, 2011 12:45:04

So have been trying to do some bodywork and a bit of painting.

as you can see im not the best at filler and painting but does not look bad.

Neal’s uphill struggle

Body Posted on Wed, May 04, 2011 12:21:53

So on to the bodywork now, which I am leaving to Neal, as I’m next to useless at it.

This is what the car & colour looked like before starting, (minus the rear wings)

Note the stainless between the nose and the suspension components, this is being removed and re fabricated in GRP

Off comes the nose cone

The stainless is more visible now to the right and through the nose, it’s fit was quite poor so we have created a better fitting template from steel to use to cut the GRP when its been fabricated by Neal.

Here is the first stage of GRP matting applied over the old stainless

After several more layers were added, the old stainless was removed and the whole lot strengthened from inside by layering more matting. The lower piece of stainless was retained and glassed in to give some good mounting points and extra strength.

Neal sanding down the matting ready for body filler

Applying the body filler

Now we’ve run out of filler so cant continue for the time being….


Body Posted on Wed, March 16, 2011 12:48:53

Now onto the carpets.

Neal had already fitted some insulation to the inner part of the car, and now it was time to fit the carpets and the checkerplate wear plates, we also fitted a sheet of aluminium to the tunnel to the left of the clutch pedal in order to eliminate wear on the carpet.

Before and During (minus the checkerplate)

Neal measuring the floor plate

The finished article, the plate is riveted through the carpet into the stainless floorpan, as is the clutch wear plate to the left of the pedal, which can be seen here.

Diff Strengthening pt 2

Body Posted on Wed, March 16, 2011 12:27:33

Now that we had trial fitted the diff strengthener I decided to paint it in blue (the only paint we had) before fitting it.

For some reason I managed to use a whole can of spray paint and not even get it fully coated, not sure why that was….

Had to relocate the fuel feed pipe as the existing hole was right next to the strengthening beam (can just see it to the left of the drill) so we relocated and shortened the pipe, and also properly grommetted the hole.

All fitted and bolted up, note the new fuel pipe hole

Diff Strengthening pt 1

Body Posted on Wed, March 16, 2011 12:04:22

After jacking up the car and seeing that the diff was only bolted to the boot floor and moved all over the place we decided to strengthen it.

We found some steel channel and used that to fabricate a H section that was secured to the inner wings and the rear panel, and bolted through into the diff mount.

This has tightened up the whole bootfloor and diff mount.

The spraying job wasn’t too brilliant I must say, but then again I’m not that great at painting.

Fabricating of the diff strengthener:

Test fitment into the car…

Keeping things cool

Body Posted on Wed, May 05, 2010 14:46:32

Last night we decided to attempt the under bonnet heat shielding, which is not really much but needed to be done as Neal said it was really really hot in the cabin when driving along.

I didn’t actually do much to be fair, I was working in a supervisory capability, and as usual informing Neal on the correct way to apply the glue, to which he took his usual action of humouring but also ignoring me…

The half completed heat shielding.

I also filled and ground down the headlight brackets as they had some pinholes in the welding, with Neal’s 4″ grinder with a 9″ disc in it, meaning the disc is skimming your knuckles as you hold the grinder body.

Oh and did I mention no safety guard either… ooops!

Next is the mounting of the servo and pedal box I reckon!

Older Pics

Body Posted on Tue, May 04, 2010 13:59:02

Here are few of the older pics of the car before the major overhaul started. I had this idea in
my head that all was needed was a little tweak here and there and would have
this car on the road in no time. How wrong was I, thanks to the help of great
friends (Stu and Christian) I am managing to get this car back on the road
where it belongs indeed with a slightly higher budget than was initially anticipated
I dread to think what the overall cost is going to be.

Here are some before and after Pics.

Drum Brakes just don’t look as
good as a nice set of discs and calipers under a wheel, also I hope this will
help with the stopping.

Look at the home made coilovers
the horrible squeaks drove
me mad let’s hope the nice new GAZ ones don’t.


Body Posted on Tue, May 04, 2010 10:51:56

After the kit car show, we went straight to the workshop and cracked on.

We took the old headlight brackets, cut them down and welded up the old mounting holes so that the new headlights bought yesterday can be fitted.

All we need to do now is grind up the welds to highlight any pin holes then fill them (we didn’t have an angle grinder with us) and then shot blast them ready for painting.

I also fitted the new steering rack gaiters & mounted the new handbrake lever on the transmission tunnel.

Neal and I then took the steering column out as the bushes at the bottom are worn out and we also need to modify the column to take the quick release wheel which Neal wants.

We seem to be removing more and more from the car, and less is going back on….

Quick update

Body Posted on Mon, April 26, 2010 17:49:10

Not much has happened over the last few weeks, I popped down to the workshop to find that Neal was test fitting his escort cosworth rear callipers after modifying the calliper brackets to space the callipers more centrally over the discs.

It would appear that Neal also managed to rope Stu into doing some “work” also.

We then decided to have a look at where the handbrake lever would be positioned, and in order to do that, Neal decided that he would need to test fit a seat and have a feel….